to be honest all i can say so far about skyrim…. is that somehow the devs have actually managed to surpass my expectations 😛  Loving the quests (the one with the dog was quite surprising) and the fights with the dragons feel completely epic.  Unsurprisingly I have rolled a hybrid archer/assassin type as one shotting mobs never gets old 😀

The world is beautiful… so here are some screenies (much better than my gushing anyway :P):

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4 comments on “skyrim…

  1. I’m really enjoying Skyrim, so much that I havent logged into EQ2 at all since it came out.

    The only things I feel are missing is Dragon Age-esque banter from my companion, mouse/targetting issues in combat and the lack of abilty to arrange my inventory (ie show 1h’s, 2h’s, bows and arrows in seperate groups). In fact inventory management seems to take up as much time in Skyrim as it does in EQ2.

    My character is a Paladin type (Plate, Heals but 2x1h’s instead of 2h) and I aim to play it again with a Ranger type and then a pure Mage, the latter being a really hard class to play so far in the Elder Scrolls games.

  2. sounds like you’re having as much as fun as me and Dimzad! its a glorious game though yes I wish the inventory could be managed better… the only thing that really bugs me is that the HUD isn’t toggleable for screenshots (though the HUD itself is pretty damn good)

    I’ve been having a lot of fun thieving lately… 😉

    speaking of eq2 I was looking forward to popping back on but seeing as I think I only have 1 character which is a free class AND race, I’m not sure I will be. Stupid decision that – hope they change their minds.

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