little by little, one travels far #6

We’ve all had a bug this week, so didn’t feel like gaming much this week.  However, I did play some Dragon Age: Awakenings (wanted to finish this) and we did log into lotro last night.

I’m really enjoying Awakenings.  Its great having Oghren in my party again and I do now feel slightly guilty for killing Anders in DA2 (mostly because he was really annoying).  I was questing through Kal’Hirol the other night and I just loved the artwork here, the lighting is amazing.

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In lotro last night, I realised that slogging through the final sections of Mirkwood was just seriously annoying me.  So we decided to leave Mirkwood for now and headed off to Enedwaith instead.  It was nice being back in the open air with green grass and blue skies again 😉  We’re now both fairly close to level 68 (I am starting to think we will be level 75 before we even get to Dunland :P)

and… *drumroll* …. we’ve now pre-ordered Skyrim to arrive next Friday!!!!!


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