DA2 finished :)

I had a mad urge and decided that now was the time to finish Dragon Age 2.  I haven’t played since April this year but it was surprisingly easy to pick up again.  I was also about halfway through Act 3 so a bout of 5 hours last night got me finished 🙂  I did actually want to stop earlier than that but knowing I was so close to the finish I couldn’t!

I really enjoyed DA2 and hope that there’s a third in the series.  I really enjoyed the plot, I thought it was quite an interesting scenario.  The characters were all good fun (with the exception of Anders – I sided with the mages and killed him :P) and the combat was really fast (and fun once I got used to the style).  The heavy armour sets for females were just fantastic and the final boss fight I really really enjoyed – I loved the Sinbad/Jason and the Argonaut touches with the statues.

I did feel more absorbed in DA: Origins, that game felt a lot slower with more to explore whereas DA2 was faster with, what felt like, fewer options to travel off the main quest line track.  I really enjoyed both games though.


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