weekly screenshot: welcome home?

Dol Guldur

My character is from Mirkwood, so its great to be finally questing here.  My first view of Dol Guldur was suitably terrifying and I finally found a place for a good screenshot 😉

some further information:
Mirkwood was formerly known as Greenwood the Great and is inhabited by the silvan or woodland elves.  They were led by firstly by Oropher, and then his son Thranduil (father of Legolas).  Around 1051 (TA), Sauron (in disguise) established Dol Guldur upon Amon Lanc and began corrupting the forest and driving the elves northwards.  Greenwood the Great became known as Mirkwood.  Sauron left for Mordor in 2941 (when the White Council attacked) and sent Khamul the Easterling (a Nazgûl) to command the orc forces stationed there.

Bilbo and the company of Dwarves travelled through here during The Hobbit, where they were captured by giant spiders and the dwarves were taken prisoner by the elves.  Later, Gollum was held here before he escaped and fled to Moria.  It was this news that Legolas brought to the Council of Elrond.


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