little by little, one travels far #4

Ridge-Racer 🙂

Well there’s been a few weeks where I haven’t posted updates so I’ll be brief because even though I haven’t had time to post… we’ve still been playing 😀

Eldaeriel and Dimzad are now level 60 and are still working our way through Moria, we did step out the other side though and have introduced ourselves to the Galadhrim.  (I won’tbe able to do the oh god, its the mad poo-flinging woman again repeatable quests without giggling like a loon now (although its possible, given the grind, i may have ended up giggling like a loon anyway…)

We’ve run the Grand Stairs a couple of times now with our kinnies and that has been an experience!  We’re total noobs when it comes to grouping in lotro and we possibly have a slightly steeper learning curve as we tend not to run with a traditional group setup.  The funnest one was 2 hunters, 2 minstrels, RK and burglar, the one I found easiest was captain, hunter, RK, burglar and minstrel and I had a total nightmare when the captain switched to his lore-master :P.  Though to be fair, that was mainly down to the fact that it was gone midnight (which I hadn’t realised) and had been egging the group on to go back in cos I was appalled at the amount of half finished quests I would have left in my journal. Was a bad move, I was too tired to see or think straight,  oh well lesson learned, shall curfew myself in future 😉

Finally, I got my Ridge-Racer title!!  Was fun to get and to celebrate I threw myself down a well in Moria to get the Well Travelled title too 😉


2 comments on “little by little, one travels far #4

  1. Ooooo no, a gone-midnight session is nearly always a Bad Idea, especially with work and/or kids only a few hours away. worse for me as I can’t get my missus to play at all and she is beginning to hate the game and the time I spend on it… poor the me 😦

  2. lol yes a Very Bad Idea ~ our little alarm clock has no idea about weekends and lie ins yet 😉 Aww its a shame your missus doesn’t play – I was very put off MMOs for a fair while as I didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of REAL other players whilst learning how to play… Maybe if she loves the films or books she might be persuaded?

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