little by little, one travels far (#1)

This is a new weekly update of our achievements in lotro,  the quote is attributed to Tolkien and seems apt.

Eldaeriel and Dimzad have now completed all the duoable quests in Forochel,  we’ve ended up with our reputation close to being Ally and as I would like to max out my faction there, I foresee grinding reputation items in my future 😉  Fortunately, bears seem to have a surprising supply of these items (do they eat them?! carry a handbag?!  I’m not complaining!)  which means I can also grind exceptional hides while I’m at it.

We both levelled to 50 and then went on to complete the first book of Volume 2 so that we could gain access to legendary weapons and to Moria.  We are bursting to get into Moria but we’ve decided to be disciplined and carry on with the quests in Angmar, Volume 1 and our class quests before we do…    I’m not so keen on Angmar, its possibly the gloomiest zone I’ve been in, so getting it done and dusted will be good.  To counteract this, I’ve set myself a screenshot challenge ~ to find something in angmar to screenshot that makes my travels in there worthwhile.

Now we have our legendary weapons we are trying to get to grips with the system…  we’re now fine with the identify, equip, level part, and are now trying to work which of the various legacies um runes and er other things are best and also whether to start upgrading legacies/runes (I believe yes, we may as well).  From the research I’ve done, it seems as though we can mess around with our level 50 items to learn the system and it won’t be a disaster as they will be outlevelled fairly shortly.  Any advice would be gratefully received.

There seems to be a lot to do… which is fun.  I’m a bit behind on deeds (to slot for virtues), want to max my reputations and I need to finish the Misty Mountains questline (for Rivendell rep at least) as I stopped part way through so that Dimzad could quest there to catch up levels.  All the exploring and collecting crafting materials I do keeps bumping up my xp gain.

until next week then /waves

One comment on “little by little, one travels far (#1)

  1. Nice work mate! I’ve just dinged Level 37 ans moved from the Lone Lands to the North Downs following the epic story – it’s leading me to Annuminas, but I want to complete some slayer deed before I get there and re-trait myself a little just to tweak a bit more DPS mayhem out of old engine of death that is Ranhold 😀

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