halls of night

Dimzad and I were clearing up some quests from around Aughaire in Angmar when we found this new quest Family History, which involves investigating the new instance Halls of the Night.  Our friend Fitzwen (burg) joined us and off we set.  (turn right out of Aughaire and follow the mountainside along to find it).  Once inside I clicked a statue and we were transported…  I’ve just read the developer diary for this and its quite a cool scenario.  We were transported from the barrow into a dream controlled by a barrow-wight, you are guided throughout the instance by another spirit and you need to face Terror, Panic and finally Shadow.  It echoes the hobbits’ experience in the Barrows where they were eventually rescued by Tom Bombadil.

The zone looks amazing and I loved how our characters looked so ethereal (although I did keep thinking of the fairies in Disney’s Cinderella).  We did manage to kill Terror and Panic (after Fitzwen switched characters) but we couldn’t quite manage Shadow.  I think it was mainly due to mine and Dimzad’s inexperience with grouping (and our gear probably isn’t up to it either).  Not to worry, it was a lot of fun seeing a group instance and grouping with our kin 😉


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