weekly screenshot: au revoir to eq2

As we’re now officially taking a break from eq2 (our subs end 2nd Jul), I thought it fitting that this week’s screenshot comes from eq2.  The featured image is of Tanzi (my shadowknight) and Sullivan (Dimzad’s defiler) in Thurgadin.  They are a fairly unstoppable duo and a lot of fun to play (the size difference is hilarious too)

but… I can’t say farewell to eq2 without mentioning my ranger…  So here’s a shot of Suzita, my main character for 4 years 🙂  I will miss her, I’m glad its so easy to resub!  This was just before we killed Phara Dar way back when and I finally obtained my myth – fun times 🙂

Phara Dar and Shade of Khalan Dar

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