the secret world

I’ve been mildly intrigued by the posts Ysharros has written about the secret world, but haven’t bothered to look into it too much so far.  I checked out their latest video though, and well, hmm… I have to say its looking pretty exciting!   As I understand it the game world is an alternate version of our world, where is everything is true, from myths and legends to conspiracy theories.  It sounds like a fun concept and although I’m a complete cynic, I do sometimes wish that the world could be a bit more exciting and mystical (I suspect the real world is exciting enough though ;))  I also like the idea of no levels and classes and that they are trying to make the player really interact with the game world and the various stories.  My most shallow reason for liking the look of the game is that your avatar’s appearance is totally customisable and it looks as though I could go back to my youth and relive my tank girl inspired grunge look 😛There are three secret societies, Templars, Illuminati and Dragon and all 3 look really interesting.  I’ve read a little about the Templars (I used to work near Bank and there were various buildings close to there which have or had Templar connections) and the Illuminati but know nothing of the Dragon.  So even though I have no idea when this may be released (is still in development) and whether I’ll still be interested / able to game when it does, I’m already trying to decide which of the societies I should belong to…  The Templars are kind of my home team I suppose and the Holy Grail /Arthurian literary connections are pretty interesting…. but as its a religious order, I have some reservations…  The Illuminati are also quite appealing as they are a secret intellectual society and conspiracy theorists have suggested that historical figures such as Da Vinci were supposed to have been members but… the big business, corporate nature leaves me cold.  There’s a guide to the secret societies at tentonhammer and they give a much more detailed explanation of the societies plus explain the background of the Dragon.  I did take the test and they recommend I join the Dragons (KATANA!!) we shall see 😉


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