blocks, blocks and yet more blocks

so… I finally decided to try out Minecraft.  Its strangely addictive and appeals to both my explory and decoratey tendencies.  I’ve basically just been messing about so far, trying out new worlds and wandering around finding crafting resources and crafting.  I’ve started building a house using the earth blocks and glass blocks (see below), it needs some tweaking and a lot more work, but I’m liking the idea of it.

You can see the front of it in the main image at the top of the post.  I have to admit that I’ve turned the difficulty down to um.. er… not sure I should admit this… peaceful It makes it a lot easier to find stuff and decorate though. I am missing that panic of the sun setting though and desperately running to get inside my house (I obviously had rubbish equipment and died a lot :P). The creepers are the worst though, or maybe the spiders…

Random useful info:

  • Minecraft wiki
  • texture packs
  • I’m using Xaiwaker’s texture pack (used in the screenshots).
  • Using different packs is really, really easy – you just download the .zip file and paste the zip folder (without extracting files) in the textures folder (for win7 the address is C:Users/USERNAME/Appdata/Roaming/.minecraft/texturepacks)  You then choose the texture pack from the texture pack option on the loading screen.
  • Screenshots, press F2 (F1 hides the UI) and they are stored in folder named screenshots (:P) in the .minecraft folder.
  • You can play either in browser mode or by downloading the minecraft client.  The client kept crashing randomly for me (btwn 5-10 mins in, the screen went totally black and I had to close the client by task manager) and after a bit of searching, I did find a solution.  If you have Win7 64, you need Java for 64bit systems…  The easiest way to get this is by opening IE for 64bit and going to and it should detect the version you need automatically.  Its solved the problem for me anyway.
  • The classic version is free but currently the beta version is going for €15 (about £13).
  • Seeds – more information here and here.  My current favourites (from minecraft seeds) are seed: 456 and seed: 5677344492879191995

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