noodling, music and zombies

^ I love that screenie ^

Lotro is currently the game I go to when I want to relax (DA2 for a full on slaughterfest ;)).  I’m really enjoying taking the scenic route through the game, rather than rushing to level cap, and well its clearly, very, very scenic 😉  Eldaeriel is still level 45 and I still have much of the game to play through and look forward to.  Dimzad (dwarf RK) and El are currently half heartedly working through Book 1 of the epic quests, questing in Angmar and Misty Mountains and doing the odd skirmish to liven things up a bit.  I haven’t even been playing much of lotro lately though as I am still at the beginning of Act 3 of DA2 and have been popping back into EQ2 for some Velious grouping.

I have managed to get El and Musi (my dwarf minstrel) through the Spring Festival quests and got my beautiful blue roan horse and a couple of pieces of appearance wear.

I also checked out Evendim quickly as it has been revamped recently.  It doesn’t take much to lure me back into Evendim as I think it must be one of the most beautiful zones I have seen so far in the game.  Its also one of the zones, which to me, shows the downfall of the Arnorian kingdom most clearly. The zone is full of degrading ruins which must have been absolutely spectacular during their day as what is left is just stunning.  I think the most impressive (imposing?) piece of architecture is the absolutely massive statue at King’s Crossing.  You can now do a small series of quests which allows you to climb a rope to the King’s crown and the view is just… amazing…

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Anyway, I think its against the law to noodle without listening to music (and as I generally play at wine o clock, ideally with a glass of something too :P), so while I was running round Evendim I was listening to Radiohead (OK computer) which I thought fit the zone well.  I haven’t got specific bands/tracks for most of the zones but for the Shire and Bree-land, in my opinion, you really can’t beat The Orb or Dreadzone for that summer festival vibe.  Find a campfire, break out a beer and smoke some er pipeweed 😉

So if anyone’s interested, my playlist for noodling includes:

dirge death in vegas
the birth and death of the day explosions in the sky
frittering mercury rev
sing blur
little fluffy clouds the orb
kingdoms of rain soulsavers
in the house in a heartbeat john murphy (just to freak you out a bit and its particularly good for places like Angmar or the Barrows)*

now that may seem a rather short playlist but it clocks in at a hefty 40 odd minutes  for 7 songs 😉

*we watched the first episode of the Walking Dead last night on Ch 5 and it looks pretty good (dimzad has read the graphic novels and reckons it has been rather sanitised (probably rightly so) but it did freak me out a little bit I have to admit, so I’m not sure I’m going to watch the rest 😛  We did end up having the obligatory ‘what would be your weapon of choice against zombies’ conversation of course.   I went for a cunning plan involving luring zombies down a tight alley with a cannon at the end of it (purely for fun to watch a zombie conga line be smacked backwards) but aside from that I was thinking of a crossbow.  Dimzad’s weapon of choice was a helicopter rail gun which left me feeling a bit stupid 😛


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