Fantasy Kingdoms

For anyone who enjoys virtual decorating

A while ago I found a lovely little game on Facebook called Fantasy Kingdoms.  Anyone who reads this and enjoys decorating might want to give this a whirl.  Its a little like Farmville (STOP! DON’T RUN AWAY!) with a twist and has none of the hassles of playing a more traditional type Facebook game.  You can decorate to your heart’s content without having to buy items with RL money and you don’t have to hassle your friends to progress.  Of course you can buy decorating items with RL cash but its not actually necessary and of course, the more neighbours you have and the more gifts you send/receive the quicker you can do things.  But even so, you could play and enjoy without doing either.

With that out of the way 😉  What is it?  Its basically a farming game but with a twist, instead of planting boring and ugly old crops like potatoes or wheat ;), you plant elephant ears, snowflakes, chinese lanterns, belladonna, peacock feathers etc etc.  The setup is that you are an enchanter in a mystical land and you enchant these crops into being.  You grow crops to obtain mana, and you use the mana to buy your in game items.


There are new themes brought out throughout the year, as usual, connected to seasons and celebrations.

Above are trees and objects which were brought out around Halloween (you couldn't have guessed that eh?!)

These are winter / christmas items. In the top left are grown snowflakes and just below are some peacock feather seeds. Above the ice chasm are trees (and some rocks ;))

One of the castle styles (this is Halo, there is also traditional, country, ice, fantasy and shadow sets). One or two of the castle items are usually paid for with RL money if you want them)

The game also has quests to help you get started.  These are optional but you do get some nice decorating objects as rewards, as well as xp and currency. I like this game as you have a lot of freedom and it is amazing how different people’s kingdoms look.  The crop timers range from 5 mins to 3 days, so its also not necessary to be tied to a timer 😉  So I can go at my own pace, I can leave it for a few weeks and come back, I’m not reliant on posting requests or feeds in order to do anything and you can be really creative (I’m not sure other ppl will judge my efforts as creative but I like it :P)  I have also spent RL money in order to buy a few items…  it is optional and it is not shoved in front of your face every 5 seconds (there are very few popups nagging you to spam post feeds as well).  When a company has that attitude, I don’t mind giving them some money every now and then 😉

For anyone who’s interested, see their Facebook page and forums.


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