I’m starting to warm up to my companions (now I’m in Act 3 :P) and the conversations they have with each other are making me laugh.

Favourite so far:

Sebastien to Varric (talking about improving Varric’s aim): I thought your cocking ring might be off… I could take a look

Varric:  Nobody’s touching Bianca’s [his crossbow] cocking ring

and while I’m sniggering, the axe in the screenshot is called a ‘double bearded axe’ which for some reason (could have been the wine :P) really made me and Dimzad laugh.  Last night, Dimzad was playing Origins and I was playing DA2.  I asked whether he’d included Ohgren much in his party as I thought his dialogues were really funny and he was probably my favourite character in that game.  Dimzad turned to me and said well of course… dwarf… zerker… nuff said eh? 😉



2 comments on “*sniggering*

  1. I find it difficult to leave Isabela out of the party, even though she duplicates my rogue’s combat skills, just for lines like when she starts with Fenris: “So, that magical fisting you do…”

  2. lol i kind of ignored her for a while as seeing other rogues having fun was making me grit my teeth (i switched to a warrior before I realised that you could probably cope without a tank for most stuff), got lazy and generally ran with the same team and then I lost her at the end of act 2 😛 ah well, there’s always a 2nd run through on easy mode 😉

    thanks for the link btw

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