Chrono Portals

Until 30th March, EQ2 is running a special event to mark EQ’s 12th anniversary.  Full details can be found here and the looted rewards are definitely worth having.  The featured image is of Tanzi and Sullivan battling Pyzjn, we did kill the animals and Holly Windstalker did indeed turn into a lvl 55 epicx4, who one splatted us 😛  (Sullivan is a HUGE ogre and that is his shield in the top right corner :P)




Guk Ghouls

We duoed the whole lot, though the Lavastorm and the Moors of Ykesha instances did provide quite a challenge.  Especially Ykesha…  we still can’t quite believe that we managed to kill them all 😉  I expect to be able to solo most of them, with the exception of Lavastorm and Ykesha but I think I’ll see if I can drag Glarim out (lots of groups… mezzing will be very handy :P)

The fluff rewards are nice too, plushies of the nameds and lots of books 🙂


One comment on “Chrono Portals

  1. nice event with some nice rewards, especially the weapons and belts from guk.

    pity though that they didnt make the belts tradeable, like they did the swords. I just could not get a scout belt to drop for Varleyne but was lucky in the end when one dropped for a guildee in the last few hours of the event and they let me loot it.

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