having fun in kirkwall

I’m getting close to the end of Act 1 in Dragon Age 2.  Its been a real blast so far.  The combat is fast, furious and FUN!¹  Hawke has been written well and the voice acting is great.  The female companions are well written too, they all seem quite interesting, independant and intelligent¹.  My only slight issue is with Isabella, I can’t believe she’s flashing her knickers and a whole lotta cheek (proverbial as well as actual :P) to the world.  I do just keep looking at her and thinking ‘ooh put some trousers on love, you’ll catch a chill’ 😛

The male characters on the other hand (with the exception of Varric… I’ve made him an honorary girl for the duration as he’s a beardless dwarf :P) seem a rather whiny insipid lot (either frothing futilely at how hard done by mages are or frothing rabidly about how dangerous mages are… one is wearing some strange stirrupy leggings with no shoes and the other looks like he should be lurking down an alley waiting to flash someone).  Still it is only Act 1, time yet I suppose.

I’ve restarted as a warrior (so some Hawke Warrior and Hawke Rogue screenies below), as I was finding it too easy to get rivalry points with Aveline or Fenris tanking and it is working out much better.  Th 2-handed line is also a lot of fun and am combining it with Reaver as my defence is practically non existent.  The game flows quickly enough that it should still be fun if I want to carry on with rogue Hawke…. I do miss rogueing about…  It really annoys me when Varric tells me how much fun it is picking locks and disarming traps lol.

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¹ two bouts of alliteration in one post… dunno what’s come over me, sorry 😉


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