the doldrums*

It feels quite strange that although the new expansion is out in eq2, I have absolutely no motivation to take suzita through the questlines, crafting or adventure, don’t want to do the heroic instances and gear her up and just simply can’t really be bothered with it all at all.  I’ve been having fun slacking and duoing with Dimzad (our sk/defiler pair – tanzi and sullivan) but I can’t see me repeating these questlines with my alts (or even my main) any time soon.  So we’ll probably quest through, get to 90, try duoing a few SF instances (if I can get Tanzi’s dps up, this pairing is almost unstoppable ;)) and then unsub at least for the late spring/summer months.

I feel much more drawn to lotro, (although Dimzad is so busy in work he doesn’t have the head space for it) as it just seems so much more relaxing, without any major hassles (so long as you don’t fret about not completing group quests ;))  and, perhaps most importantly, no responsibilities or expectations.  So I will keep Eldaeriel paired with Dimzad’s runekeeper and choose one of my alts to level up.  Its between the minstrel, captain, lore master or champion…  I’m enjoying the lore master but I do get a bit freaked out that its a ‘mage’ type (of course there are no actual mages in lotro, that would be against the law lore :P) and she is the highest level out of all my baby alts, so she is a strong choice.

we shall see 🙂


*sounds like it should be an instance somewhere


3 comments on “the doldrums*

  1. -giggles- don’t mess with the law! you know every time “the law” gets mentioned by some of my kinship mates who take that stuff quite seriously I end up in fits of giggles because of you 😛

  2. I’m also having trouble keeping focused in EQ2. The new expansion was fun the first few days, but I quickly lost interest. Managed to just finish the baby griffon quest and haven’t bothered to log in again to do the quests the little guy offers. I think a lot of that has to do with the state of the guild at the moment. Disappointing, but not much we can do about it.

    Tried LotRO too over Christmas, but it just couldn’t live up to EQ2. Glad to see you’re still having fun with it though 🙂

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