velious screenies

I love being able to climb so high

Aether Racing!! thank gawd for gnomes, exploding contraptions and aerial racing - stupid amounts of fun!

View of the Lavastorm course

this is the temp no-zone mount, I have a permanent mount which I can use once I have completed the griffon quest 🙂



3 comments on “velious screenies

  1. Great screenies! and you’re right gawd bless the gnomes lol that event was stupid amounts of fun – did you see the next day they were still up and had tweaked them different types of speeds buffs, rules – even the TT course had them!

  2. yeah got my hawk and dam *cough* cloud buster titles – also got my groovy little purple mount on Tanzi from the guide quest – see you got yours too 😉

    oh shout if you want some linkage 🙂

  3. Haha yeah me getting that was pure luck, I logged in next to the guide lol

    Congrats on getting your titles and mounts! That TT course was horrible, looked pretty zooming around the islands and everything but so easy to go off course and then loose stupid amounts of seconds for finishing, had to repeat it loads to get that title – then the next day they add in speed buffs >.>

    you mean you haven’t already?! -cries- 😉 lol

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