dragons and dragonborn

As the launch for Destiny of Velious didn’t go too smoothly (these things never do ;)) I ended up re-running the final part of Dragon Age in order to change the ending and downloading & playing the Dragon Age 2 Demo.

It was good fun replaying it, poor Ohgren wasn’t setup as a tank but he did just fine.  This time I got the ending I wanted –  it feels finished now 😉  I did start Awakenings with a new rogue but am missing suzita’s gear and levels so she may be temporarily resurrected.  As this is probably my last post for Dragon Age: Origins, here are far too many screenies of the ending ;):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dragon Age 2 looks like its going to be good fun.  I played the demo and it feels very different to Origins but very familiar at the same time.  It has a new super slick UI which although it looks good, doesn’t feel very fantasy rpg.  I like the new hotbar, much less noticeable than the old one.  The new combat system is a bit of surprise – it is very fast and stylised (lots of leaping and cool moves),  I do like it though its a lot of fun to watch and much more responsive.   The conversation wheel is a good improvement I think.  You get 3 styles of response to choose from (e.g. peaceful, sarcastic, humour).  The introduction with Varric narrating your story to the Chantry Seeker will be quite a fun and interesting narrative device  I think.   Overall I think its going to be fun 🙂

Finally check out these screenshots for Elder Scroll V: Skyrim (old news now but still… drool!) and an enigmatic shot released for wallpaper, with the first in-game look at Skyrim being posted in 18 hours from the time I post this.

*edit* click the wallpaper link above, the trailer is up and….  well… nothing I can say will do it justice 😉


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