oh noes…

… I killed Alistair… *sniff*

I’d finished up all the quests I could, sorted out health and power potions, everyone’s gear and even everyone’s hotbars and was looking forward to going to the Landsmeet and then on to the final battle(s).  I had decided not to accept Morrigan’s offer as it was a very grim and disturbing idea and seeing as I was going to a whole load of effort to put Alistair on the throne (grr to that conniving cow Anora), I decided to kill off Suzita and let her deal the final blow on the Archdemon.  I’ve never purposely killed off a character before and was looking forward to it.

The landsmeet was entertaining and I ended up pitting my rogue against Loghain.  She won easily and then it was off with his head!  Selling elves… pfft 😛 (that blood mage in the Alienage was very funny, he still died though ;)).

Storming through Denerim was a lot of fun too, though that first area was really annoying as I spent more time chasing darkspawn then killing (they wouldn’t stand still and be hit ;p)  Fortunately I only had to sneeze at them and they fell over (I was level 22 by this point).  My favourite party lately has been Alistair, Wynne and Zevran, so I chose those and through Denerim we went.  It was a lot easier than I thought and the only fight that gave me trouble was the one with the 2 dragonwhelps.  Suzita and Zevran were the only 2 left standing out of my party (haha go rogues go!)

So, finally got to the dragon.  It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and we came through fairly unscathed and ready for my big moment.

Only Alistair turned round and said that he wouldn’t allow her to die and that he would take the final blow, basically because he loved Suzita and couldn’t see her die….    Awwww! but! but! wait! this isn’t my ending!  Nothing I said made a difference and off he ran…  I sat watching the cut scene in shock, hands over mouth, grinning madly and desperately hoping Suzita would suddenly rush up, knock him out of the way and deal the final blow.  Nope…  This is a measure of how shocked I was at my plans going completely wrong – I didn’t take any screenies!!  I ended up being the hero and living to tell the tale…

Except I was really really annoyed that after all that effort it had gone so wrong and the closing scenes felt quite sour 😛  So am thinking about switching the difficulty down to easy, leaving Alistair out of the main party and seeing if I can storm through the Denerim fights quickly to get the ending I want (and um… some screenies :P).

I have completely enjoyed Dragon Age though, the combat was excellent, the story drew you in and the characters were great.  It was fantastic – I haven’t been so absorbed and involved in a game like that for a good while 🙂  and I still have Awakenings to play through and then very soon… Dragon Age 2 😀

I did get some screenies though…

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