oh sweet oblivion

I think the Screaming Trees title had to be done and will make more sense shortly 😉

I had a burst of nostalgia last night brought on by looking at the concept art shots for Skyrim, so I re-installed Oblivion.  I remembered the game being absolutely beautiful and as its now roughly 6 years old, I was wondering if I could firstly actually get it installed and working, and had a strange mix of ‘ooh what will it look like on my new comp’ and resignation that I was probably going to be disappointed…

I wasn’t disappointed 😀


After starting the game in tunnels and sewers, its always amazing to see the world (yes she's called suzita, yes she's a red haired elf, yes she's a stealthy, archer assassin mix :P)



View back to the sewer exit


The Ayleid Ruins were my favourite thing to do, so atmospheric and so much loot 😉


Its weird but I'm always fascinated by ruins in games. The buildings are usually beautifully built, massive and with gorgeous ornate details...


I also love the way the light changes


the stealth eye is obscuring a dead mercenary I stealth shot 😉


another dead body, this time draped over the wall. (the different ways they die, still cracks me up)


I love the way that you have a group of people living in the ruins and the surroundings reflect that, with food, bedding, loot, furniture etc

I had a lot of fun stealth one shotting from afar until I ran into a zombie (bloody things) which took a bit of kiting to kill (and most of my health ;)).  I have read that they are making the close combat more involved which does fill me with a slight sense of dread as my close combat style is just clicking as fast as I can so I flail madly at whatever it is and basically just hoping I hit and kill something…

I’m not sure I’ll play much more.  I did play it to death back in 2006 (finished it, having done all the faction quests as well and a lot of the add ons – Shivering Isles was the only official expac I didn’t finish) and I’m not sure I want to do all that again, especially as I have Dragon Age to finish before DA2 comes out.  If I can find the Shivering Isles disc, I may give that a whirl again. Obviously there’s also Destiny of Velious out next week plus lotro is still a lot of fun…  plus other stuff in RL too… pfft!


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