Project: Guild


I have clearly lost some marbles as I decided that I wanted my very own little guild in everquest 2, basically so I had an evil style guild hall to decorate.  My lovely LoTW guildies helped me out (major faff – for the record, you all have to be in the guild registrar zone and you all have to be of the same alignment) and the baby guild Syndrome was created.  Its a bit of a non-name  I suppose (its the name of a club I used to go to on Oxford St) but far better than others I had come up with (Moria Carey – which I thought was really funny but was far too worried that someone might actually think I liked her music, Sapphire and Steel (was never a serious contender but it made me laugh because names like that are just toe curlingly awful in my opinion and obviously as a tribute to the awful 80s tv show which I *cough* used to love (could also have gone with Manimal for the same reasons – hey! I was only 10!!), Who’s My Favourite Fury? which was from a similarly toe curlingly embarrassing conversation we read in a chat channel).

I deguilded Tanzi as we have a glut of SKs in LoTW and she will be pretty good at blasting her way through writs solo.  So… 6 writs and 1 level 50ish HQ later, my little guild is level 5.  25 to go then 😉

I will post further updates as and when 🙂


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