I should be back to posting more regularly quite soon.  Am quite busy in RL, just got back off a holiday (which was very nice) and am noodling around in various games.

I won’t be playing Rift by the looks of things.  Although it looks quite nice (still haven’t managed to find the motivation to get out of the starters areas yet though ;)), I’m still enjoying lotro and I will be playing Destiny of Velious (eq2) when its released…  that’s enough for me.

I’ve given up on any heroic or raid content for now (and perhaps forever) which does mean I don’t have many goals left for the game.   I could work on achievements I suppose and Suzita and Saraya aren’t quite at 250AA yet so I could remedy that.   Which leaves decorating (which is very satisfying when I’m in the mood) and adding to my book collection.

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For anyone else who loves the idea you can build your very own virtual library, Aurelis’ site BiblioNorrath is fantastic.  As well as being a complete list of all the books/scrolls/certificates available in the game, you can also upload a saved layout file of your house which will then show which books you have and which books you need to finish your collection (as well as details of where these books can be obtained).

I’m not sure what I will be doing here in the near future.  Dimzad is feeling rather mugwumpy about MMOs at the moment and as I was trying not to level Eldaeriel without him it makes playing the game a little more difficult.   I’m concentrating on tradeskilling at the moment and if I can’t face levelling up an alt I expect the hunter will be off exploring again.  I’ve also posted screenies of Eldaeriel’s house, the decorating in lotro is not as interesting as in eq2 but I do like the designs and the instanced neighbourhoods.

2 comments on “plans

  1. Decorating! Seen the post about the upcoming home changes?.. multi home ownership is coming!

    By the way, get my Mistmore Crag in about 3 months, fancy doing a commision? 🙂

  2. ooh yes i did see that – very good news 😀 I don’t know if I’ll fork out RL money for prestige homes but the choice is there i guess.

    re: commission – if I’m playing regularly and I have enough time then yes of course 🙂 though don’t forget I don’t really do evil very well (look at Saraya’s house, in the heart of Freeport and it looks more like a Norrathian stately home ;))

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