(V1: B7) Chapter 3: Opening the Way

Unfortunately the scroll was written in the Black Speech and Lorniel was unable to read it.  We need to decipher the scroll to find out whether or not we have been deceived!  Lorniel suggested Laerdan might be able to translate it, unfortunately he was unable to and suggested that Elrond would surely be able assist us.

We made the treacherous journey back through Angmar, through the North Downs, travelled across Bree-land, through the Lonelands and finally across the Trollshaws to Rivendell.  Fortunately we have assisted many peoples throughout these lands and were able to find safe encampments as we travelled.

Elrond seemed surprised at the turns of fate that brought us back to him

What is this? You were sent by the daughter of Golodir and the Elf Laerdan? What a strange fate brought you hither. The Shadow of Angmar has grown with the Shadow in the East.

‘ Give me the scroll…I will unravel this mystery for you


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