(V1: B6) Chapter 7: Beyond Rammas Deluon


You have proven that such stones can be defeated, that their power of oppression is only as great as you allow it! Unfortunately, my spirit has been broken for far too long…I do not believe I could pass the stones and bear their fear.

‘You, however, have nothing left to fear. Go east, Eldaeriel and Dimzad, and pass through Rammas Deluon. I can only hope that somewhere beyond my kinsmen survive. The people here say that there are dwarves in the south past Rammas Deluon. Search there for my brethren!’

‘Go, and may the Valar go with you!’

What an insidious design by the enemy, watching-stones that only hold power if you allow it to be so…  We travelled through the stones and managed to hold off the feelings of fear.  Even so, we were very grateful to pass through and out of their sphere of influence.

We found an encampment of men and dwarves, south and east of the stones, in eastern Malenhad.


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