(V1: B6) Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone

Corunir could not stand to be within the vicinity of the heart but he now knows how the stones are imbued with power.

It is no spell that grants the statues such power, but a fell spirit of an elder Age, such as those that inhabit the wights which serve Angmar. This stone-heart was prepared to receive such a spirit.

Perhaps this heart may be made to draw forth such a spirit from another stone. It may be a clue to breaking the will of the watching-stones! Take this stone-heart to the ancient watching-stone which stands near the eastern pass of Ram Dúath to the east of here, not far from Bail Róva, a fortress of the Angmarim

We did as he asked and the fell spirit was defeated.  Corunir was cheered by this victory and became hopeful that we might yet succeed.


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