(V1: B5) Chapter 8: Fire and Ice

Elrond explained further

Glóin told you of the fall of Helegrod, I expect: Durin, the fifth such dwarf to bear that name, slew the dragon Thorog but perished during the battle alongside most of his company? When it became clear that Helegrod was a place of evil and their attempts to restore it futile, the dwarves removed the riches from the treasury and left the dragon’s body to moulder.

However, I fear the cold and ice of Orod Lostol may have preserved the body of the dragon far longer than any would have thought. Even after death and the passage of so many years, the body of Thorog would possess much power. I fear that Drugoth the Gaunt-lord might use his arts to place some spirit within that corpse, raising the most terrible of wights to the service of Angmar.

A dragon-wight within reach of Imladris is too grave a threat to be ignored. I must ask you to go into the treasury of Helegrod and put an end to the plans of Drugoth and the Nazgûl. It will be a difficult task, so gather a party of mighty warriors and go forth.

a dragon!

Dimzad and I returned to Helegrod’s treasury and entered.  Inside we found an obelisk which bore the following inscription (in several languages)

I, Durin, lord of Khazad-dûm, have delved this vault with the aid of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain. To protect the great riches found here, there are obelisks crafted by the arts of Elves as a token of friendship.
Only those who invoke the bane of the Star-kindler may pass. Three times three are the obelisks, and three times must you speak.

We fought our way through and found each of the Obelisks.  We invoked the name of Elbereth at each of them.  We were then able to enter the centre of the treasury, where we found the Nazgúl with Drugoth the Death Monger attempting to raise the spirit of the dead dragon.

Due to our interference the dragon broke free and Drugoth left to pursue it.  That left us facing the Nazgúl…  It was a hard battle and we were buoyed by the hope of finally being able to end its meddling in this vicinity.  We defeated him and he fled back to Mordor!

We returned to Elrond and told him of our adventures

You have done a great thing today, Eldaeriel and Dimzad! Few have faced the might of a Nazgûl and lived to tell the tale. Fortunately, the waters of the Bruinen and your pursuit of him weakened him to the extent that you could defeat him and send him back to Mordor.

As for the matter of the dragon, it would appear that although the ritual was partially successful, the dragon-wight is not fully under the control of Drugoth. It still presents a threat to Rivendell, but not so great as would have been had the ritual been completed.

For now, we can turn our attention to other matters, although someday you may wish to return to Helegrod and end this threat completely.


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