(V1: B5) Chapter 6: In the Steps of Evil

We informed Glóin that the Nazgûl had fled to Helegrod.  Upon hearing the rider’s destination, he told us some of the tale of this ancient fortress

Helegrod was delved beneath the mountain of Orod Lostol; it remained the northern-most outpost of Khazad-dûm for long years.  Mithril was never found there, but a good many other stones and riches were.  Those riches drew a dragon to Helegrod.  Thorog, he was named; he slew all the dwarves and made his bed in Helegrod’s treasury.

In Khazad-dûm, which the Elves call Moria, Durin marshalled a company of dwarves to journey to Helegrod and slay the beast.  Thorog was defeated, but Durin was slain by the dragon’s dying breath.  He was the fifth of that name; the next, too, had a sad end, but I will not speak of that now.  Dwarves sought to reclaim Helegrod in the years that followed, but death hung heavy over that place and they abandoned the halls and removed Helegrod’s riches to Khazad-dûm.

Glóin was unsure why the rider had fled there and suggested that if we scouted the borders and searched the treasury, we might find some hint of his plans.

We found the entrance to the treasury to be guarded by wights!  We slew them and found they were carrying an evil looking sigil.  Glóin did not know the origin of the sigil and suggested we enquire with Elrond.


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