(V1: B5) Chapter 2: Troublesome Guards

Glóin was not surprised to hear that Elrond feared the Nazgûl was stirring up the goblins of Misty Mountains.  He said that they were more active than usual and kept chanting the name Gurzmat.  Our task will be to find this Gurzmat, slay him and hope that this sends the goblins into disarray.

We travelled swiftly to the goblin camps which are situated on a steep escarpment, we fought our way up through the goblins and eventually came across the hideous little goblin.  He was not alone of course, but we were surprised to find he was in the company of Dourhands!  Since the attack on Edhelion, 600 years ago, I have not been free of their evil and have had to interrupt their schemes on more than one occasion.  Dimzad takes the behaviour of the Dourhands as a personal insult and is very keen to exact revenge.  We succeeded in our mission and travelled back to Glóin’s camp with the news.

It appears that Glóin was sent here by King Dáin to find the last refuge of the Dourhands and one of his scouts appears to have found it.  There is an old dwarven fort named Gabilazan which the scout noticed had an unusual amount of Dourhands.  As he was watching he noticed two figures riding up to the fortress, he wasn’t sure who they could be until the Dourhands all stood and cheered.  He realised that this must be Skorgrím!  He was accompanied by a cloaked figure who must be our missing Nazgûl…


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