(V1: B4) Chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail

We will need to travel to the wood-trolls lair to cleanse the corruption in the Trollshaws.  Legolas has kindly agreed to assist us.  I could see the gloom settle over Dimzad’s face as he realised he would be healing not one, but two elven hunters…  I, on the other hand, was looking forward to fighting alongside such a skillful hunter.

We travelled to a quiet corner of the Trollshaws, known as the Gladdalf.  As we followed the mysterious trail, we were attacked by many wood-trolls and crawlers.  They were no match for two hunters and a rune-keeper though.

After we killed the Caller of the Bog, Legolas sensed that the control over the fens creatures abated.  We continued upon our journey and came across a creature named Taushakh who was deep in conversation with the Nazgûl. It was ordered to defeat us to prove its loyalty to the Dark Lord.

We defeated Taushakh and Dimzad was pleased to find that he was able to join in with his mighty rune attacks rather than keep us hunters out of trouble and in morale.

Legolas explained that

‘The Nazgûl vanished from my view, but he did not immediately depart. Legend tells that one of the Ringwraiths was an Easterling king who had great skill in tracking and stealth…only the dread that lay heavily upon my heart told of his presence. That now is gone, but the memory is black.

‘It is good that you defeated Taushakh, for the Nazgûl had given him some power with which to rally the Wood-trolls. In great numbers, they migh have threatened Imladris itself! Individually, they are much less of a threat.

We must return and report.


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