(V1: B4) Chapter 7: The Aid of Mirkwood

Elladan understands that a company of elves from Mirkwood has recently arrived at Imladris and they may be able to assist us in ascertaining the manner of the creature we faced.  We will travel there and request Elrond to arrange an audience for us.

The meeting was duly arranged and Elrond confirmed that it was likely that the elves of Mirkwood would have faced creatures such as this before.  We are to meet Legolas, son of Thranduil, Prince of Mirkwood!   I too am originally of Mirkwood and although I am not well acquainted with Legolas, I am looking forward to meeting him again.

I exchanged news with Legolas and was glad to hear how the elves of Mirkwood are faring.  I feel torn between the important work I am doing and wanting to assist my homeland… I hope to be able to aid Mirkwood soon…  However, it is the creature we slew that we must discuss and after describing its appearance, Legolas told us that it was likely a wood-troll.  The elves of Mirkwood faced these creatures at Dol Guldur where they had previously been solitary, wandering inviduals but something had caused them to raise a King from amongst themselves and they became a terrible force.  Thranduil had led a force of many elves against these trolls and had been victorious.  It  appears that something has caused the wood-trolls of the Trollshaws to similarly unite and rise up.


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