(V1: B4) Chapter 6: The Knowledge of the Onodrim

Dimzad and I were resting from the rigours of our search at Thorenhad, when Elladan received news from Barachen (who is stationed in the South Trollshaws), that a wandering Onodrim has been seen and this Onodrim may have seen the passage of the Nazgûl.  He requested that we meet with Barachen for further information.

We arrived at Barachen’s camp after a pleasant ride though the Trollshaws.  We took a steady pace with our horses as we expect to be travelling further shortly.  The Onodrim are creatures of the ancient days and are tree-like in appearance.  Barachen had suspected that the creatures may still walk the woods of the Trollshaws but had never actually seen one before today.  On his way to Imladris, crossing the High Moor, he was struck by a feeling of curiosity and wandered down a gentle slope towards the valley of giants.  There he saw a great tree-like creature with leaves of red.  It then turned slowly and disappeared behind a great boulder.  We must speak with this creature as he may have news of the missing rider.


The valley of giants contains not only fearful giants, but great lizard creatures too.  It was with much peril we made our way down to the boulder where the Onodrim had been last seen.  He was still there, fortunately,  and we approached to greet him.  As we drew close however, we saw that his eyes were expressionless, his bark appeared to ripple with corruption and his mouth opened and closed soundlessly.  When our appearance registered with him, he grew angry and attacked us.  We were forced to defend ourselves and slay him.  We returned to Elladan bearing not only the news that this lead had not given us the information we need but also that we had to slay the creature.  Elladan wondered if this was some other creature as the ancient Onodrim are usually peaceful and non-violent, he also thought it likely that if we had fought one in battle, we would not have been victorious.  The news does not bode well.


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