(V1: B4) Chapter 5: Hiding in the Dark

Elladan believes that it is possible that the missing rider hid in one of the troll caves in the wilderness to recuperate.  He does not believe that this is where the rider is located but feels that we must eliminate the possibility from our search.  He has marked the location of three such caves on our map and we are to hold aloft the beryl in the deepest chamber of each of them.  We are taking advantage of the safety of Thorenhad and resting for a short time before we continue our investigation.

The caves of Torogrod, Nurath and Thingroth were infested with trolls, who did their best to hinder us as we searched for the deepest chambers.  Fortunately their best was not good enough and we did reach all three of the deep chambers to hold the beryl aloft.  Elladan was correct and the missing rider had not ventured within these caves.  I suppose we can at least rest easier knowing the troll population has been culled somewhat…

Elladan now wishes us to follow a line of enquiry which he is quite hopeful will bring results.  He has taken the beryl and will return it to Glorfindel on our behalf.


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