(V1: B4) Chapter 1: Where is the horse and the rider?

Elrond informed us that a little under two months ago, a hobbit named Frodo Baggins arrived at the Ford of Bruinen pursued by the nine Nazgûl.  The Bruinen fell upon them at Elrond’s command and halted the pursuit.  However, only 8 of the steeds have been found which indicates that one of the nine may still be abroad.  It will be our task to travel to Elladan’s camp in the Trollshaws and aid the search.

I remember Lenglinn had mentioned a hobbit named Baggins when I was assisting the Rangers in Bree-land.  It does seem peculiar that a little hobbit would be attracting so much attention, still with so many servants of evil around, it is probably best if we know little.  We will stay awhile in Rivendell to recoup and rest and I am very grateful to be within an elven sanctuary again.  However, we cannot dally too long.

We travelled to Thorenhad without too much event, although the local wildlife seem unusually agitated, and spoke to Elladan.  He had troubling news, the trail of the missing Nazgûl seems to locate it within the wilderness of the Trollshaws.


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