2010 round up

So… in 2010 I got just over 5,600 views (averaging around 16 per day) and published roughly 110 posts.   Not bad for my little blog.

This year I played:

Dragon Age I still haven’t finished it, although I am determined to play it through (and Awakenings) before DA2 comes out.   I do really love the game and if I’m in the mood for full on slaughter it fits the bill very well.  My only gripe about the game is the fact that it is so linear and there is no complete world to explore, just pockets on a map.  Even so, the game is great and I’m looking forward to playing DA2 in 2011 🙂

Everquest 2 Personally, its been a rocky year.  The year began full of promise with a new expansion and our guild the busiest its ever been, then a combination of boredom (lack of content), the station cash shop/eq2X mess and guild drama killed the fun.  I have had a break from August to December and have only recently logged in a few times for some Frostfell decorating and the double xp event.   I’m currently thinking that I will probably only play for a bit around the expansion and then stop my sub.

Lord of the Rings online I haven’t played this properly for a couple of months due to having been down to 1 computer and christmas busy-ness, so have only recently been logging in for the Winter festival.  Its a beautiful game though and I’m not done with it, so I will be playing and exploring in Middle Earth again next year.

Rift I’ve popped in and out of the betas.  Even though it is a very nice looking game and looks as though it will be a solid and interesting MMO when it finally releases, I just can’t summon the enthusiasm to properly investigate the beta at the moment.  I’m not sure why.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim This was the news that made me happy – if I had to choose just one of these games to play with no others allowed, it would be this one.  Only 11 months to go 😛



3 comments on “2010 round up

  1. Hehe cool actually played through da origins and awakening on my 360 not sure why the ps 3 version I got wasn’t as slick as pc/360 version now i’m playing through it on my pc (yes I have it on all 3 systems :P) about half way through awakening and done pretty much all dlc cept for the witch hunt thingy and some other one lelianas song gives the sweet battledress of the provocater and the one you take control of the darkspawn to kill the last warden is interesting hehe gives a nice weapon too lol not as good as the keening blade IMO tho 😛 looking forward to da 2 😀

  2. leliana’s song was fun 🙂

    have you included the dwarf (ohgren?) in your party? the wandering around conversations between him and the female characters are hilarious – really rude and just… funny 😉

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