sundry screenies

at this moment in time, I was going to log into lotro and do a few of the festival quests, however there seems to be one hell of an update and its taking forever… so here I am.

I now have all my armies (and they’re up my sleevies ofc – ok sorry I can hear you groaning from here :P) in Dragon Age and so will be finishing this game soonish.

finish him

One of the coolest things about DA is when your character randomly performs a special finishing move

dragon fight

Sorry Captain Janeway but I sided with Vala

The Frostbluff winter festival instance in LOTRO is quite novel and very pretty.  The tension between the disenfranchised peasants and the uncaring merchants and nobles certainly adds a certain something.   There are some very nice appearance items to be had so a-grinding here we go.


View of the village


Swan in the Square

Village Square

drunken hobbit

Hobbits... can't take em anywhere... (I'm assuming he's unconscious rather than having choked on his own puke)


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