dragon age cut scenes

After writing yesterday that I had yet to re-install (and yes, finish) Dragon Age, I actually went ahead, installed and had a load of fun slaughtering my way through the Deep Roads.  I had forgotten how absorbing the game is (and jumped quite a few times when mobs were triggered through traps), how much fun the combat is and I found out exactly how gorgeous the game is when I realised on Dimzad’s computer, the graphics could go up to 11.

Some shots from the cut scenes:


Suzita and Alistair: hmm what's down there?


Orcs! Darkspawn!


If that wasn't bad enough - look what's up there


and he breathes blue fire


A later cut scene:


I had a funny feeling about this one


the Brood Mother... *shudder* - I spent most of this fight trying not to retch


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