caught up

well that was a scary flurry of posts eh?  remember it well, I suspect (and hope) I will never match that output again.

The fact that we’re still down to one computer and that we’re in the runup to Christmas means that I haven’t had much time or opportunity to play MMOs.  I don’t watch very much TV but I did get a few little apps to play on my iPod and I’m also reading a few books via the kindle app.  (Absolutely loving my iPod at the moment!)

I have to admit though, even when it is ‘my turn’ on the computer, gaming without Dimzad just isn’t as much fun…  So I’ve not even really been getting the urge to play.  That’s compounded by the fact that I don’t want Eldaeriel to level any more until Dimzad has caught up and I’m not sure I’m ready to repeat the 20-40 content yet with an alt.  Still the patch that went live yesterday will be bringing some cool stuff with it (bank rework, revamped elf and dwarf starter areas, loremaster & runekeeper changes, crafting changes, new dyes…, full notes)

I popped onto eq2 as the city fair was visiting Halas and I wanted the coldain doors for Periwinkle’s house.  As I was travelling from the docks up to the city, I was hit by a snowball.  I wondered if someone was messing around with last year’s snowballs and for a moment hoped it would be one of my ex-guildys…. but no..


…the culprit seemed to be this snowman.  I’m not sure when he was added or why he’s there but thought it was quite funny.

I’m looking forward to the winter festivals in both lotro and eq2.  I’m planning on finishing some decorating projects in eq2 – particularly with Drednever faction items for Asirra’s house in Maj’Dul, Frostfell items for Periwinkle’s house in New Halas and mending Saraya’s outdoor garden.  I must also remember they’ve added new Faydark themed items to the newbie quests in Greater Faydark for Suzita’s house!

Hopefully we will have heard from the insurance people soon about my laptop and we will be back to 2 comps – I can’t wait to carry on with Eldaeriel 😉

sundry game news/witterings:

I was sent an invite for the Rift beta last weekend but I decided not to check it out.  It does look great and I’m really interested in at least checking out the full game, but as Dimzad doesn’t seem that impressed and currently doesn’t seem as though he wants to try it out I’m going to ignore it a little for now.

I also read a rumour (old news now I know) about an Oblivion sequel hopefully coming in the next year or two.  I hope that its true because I love the Elder Scroll series 😀  However the UESPwiki says:

Eurogamer is reporting that TES V will follow on directly from OblivionTheir story comes from a journalist who sat behind “a person involved in the game” on a plane trip, so should be taken with a large pinch of salt, but is still interesting as so far in the Elder Scrolls series, no game has been a direct sequel to another.

I keep meaning to install Dragon Age on this desktop but keep forgetting.  I must finish this game – it is superb.  I’m looking forward to the release of Dragon Age 2 also but I have to admit to being quite disappointed when I realised there would be no Alistair – pfft 😛

so many games, so little time 😉



4 comments on “caught up

  1. Got invited to the Rift beta as well, but couldn’t get the patcher to um… patch. So missed out on that. Apparently, it was nothing spectacular.

    How long are you planning on playing EQ2 again? I’m thinking of resubbing in Jan 2011. Would be nice to see and Dimzad back in game again 🙂

  2. Make sure saskay is on your friend list and my sk with the amusing (to me anyway) name I’m not on as often during the week but on most wkends cept this friday cause I’m going to get wasted lol 😛

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