(V1:B3) Chapter 6: A Call to Men

Halbarad explained that out of all the people residing in the North Downs, that it is perhaps the people of Trestlebridge who have suffered the most.   They have fought back and resisted numerous orc attacks and recently their Mayor was killed.  His daughter, Nellie, is now in charge.  I must speak with her but was warned that although they will have the most to gain from the Council, they will likely prove to be the hardest to convince to join.

I spoke to Nellie and as Halbard thought, she believed that the threat was here in her town and refused to attend the Council.  When I returned to Esteldin, Halbarad informed me that a large group of Orcs were preparing to attack Trestlebridge and that we must warn them.

We travelled fast to Trestlebridge and warned Nellie of the impending danger.  She was very suspicious of this news and almost accused us of setting up the attack in order to get her to join the Council.

As we were speaking and trying to convince her that this was a real threat, the warnings sounded from the bridge.  We immediately rushed over and set about defending ourselves and Trestlebridge from waves of fearsome orcs.

trestlebridge fighting

Trestlebridge defenders in action

Nellie had never seen these orcs before (they were of the Ongbúrz tribe) and finally believed our good intentions in warning her against this plot.  We successfully defended the bridge and killed their leader.  Halbarad asked me to stay in Trestlebridge overnight in case of any further attacks, I agreed of course.  Nellie asked our forgiveness for her harsh words and happily, also agreed to join the Council.

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