(V1:B3) Chapter 5: A Call to Elves

My next task was to travel to a small refuge in the elf-glade of Lin Giliath, south of Esteldin.  The refuse has been recently attacked by stone-trolls and so when I spoke to Gildor Inglorien he explained that although the elves would dearly love to assist Esteldin, they were still dealing with the aftermath of the attack and preparing for yet another attack by the orcs.

Gildor thought that if I could slay the Orcs’ leader Durkordh, it would mean that Lin Giliath would be safe enough for Gildor to attend the Council.

I travelled to Nan Wathren and battled my way through many orcs.  I eventually came to the camp of the Uruk leader Durkordh.


Camp in Nan Wathren

It was a nasty fight but in times of need you can sometimes draw on heroic inspiration to win the day.  I returned to Gildor with the good news and he agreed to attend the council.  I have to admit to staying in the glade for a while… it was refreshing to be amongst other elves again.


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