(V1:B3) Chapter 4: A Call to Dwarves

I was sent to speak with Dori in Othrikar, to request that the Dwarves join the Council.  However, when I arrived I was told by Hannar that Dori had been captured by the Dourhands.  The dwarves in Othrikar could not contemplate joining the Council with Dori missing and so I agreed to try and rescue him.

I found Dori in the encampment of the Dourhands.  We killed many Dourhands in our escape and even managed to retrieve a chest of gems (well truth be told, Dori is a typical stubborn dwarf and refused to leave until we had the gems – they are vital to Othrikar apparently – so I had no choice but to rescue Dori and his loot.  He did, at least, ignore the mining nodes on our path unlike some other dwarves I could mention)


Dori fighting the Dourhands

Hannar was extremely grateful and relieved to have Dori back in Othrikar.  He said that he had mentioned the Council to Dori and I was very relieved to hear that the dwarves will indeed be lending their considerable might.


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