(V1:B3) Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields

Halbarad tells me that while they at Esteldin, have been watching the threats from the east they have heard reports of enemy movement from the west and south.  Esteldin’s strength is failing and will not be able to deal with these threats alone and so Halbarad believes that we need to call a council of the Free Peoples of the North Downs.

Firstly, however, he needs information about these other threats and specifically whether Fornost may have fallen under Angmar control again.  I must talk to a ranger named Mincham, who is camped south of Fornost.



Mincham has seen spectres and shades take form on the Fields of Fornost and has seen orcs spilling out the Gates and so yes, believes that the enemy is in control of Fornost once again.  However, he does not know the enemy’s strength within the city and will need my help to ascertain that.


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