(V1: B3) Foreword: Fires in the North

Frideric asked me to meet again with Candaith.  Once I reached his camp, we exchanged news and I was informed that Orcs were threatening the North Downs.  Candaith asked me to travel to Esteldin and speak to a ranger named Halbarad.

It is a long journey from the Lone-Lands to the North Downs, I rode back through the Midgewater Swamp to Bree.  I stopped for a short time there to re-provision and then started North along the Greenway all the way to Trestlebridge.  Once at Trestlebridge I was able to rest for a short time before I continued my journey to the heart of the North Downs, Esteldin.

Halbarad told me that word has spread regarding my assistance to the rangers in the South and asked that I assist them here.


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