(V1:B2) Chapter 15: The Red Pass

Elsa and Eriac have entered Agamaur with a small company to seek out and deal with the evil threatening their people.  However Ivar the Blood Hand will be far too much for them to deal with and as I thought, they will need my assistance.  Radagast tells me that the swamps I have been travelling in so far are known as the Haragmar, however the northern swamp Agamaur is only accessible through a secret entrance known only to the Eglain and to Radagast.  This secret entrance is known as the Red Pass.

I will be travelling with Radagast as the evil we will encounter is too much for me alone.  We will travel to the Eglain’s encampment and Radagast urges haste as he can hear the trees screaming and is compelled to assist them.


We have returned victorious, thankfully, and I will note down the events as best I can remember.

When we entered Agamaur, Radagast found small animals along the way and shepherded them to safety whilst I killed all manner of evil creatures and corrupted trees.


Radagast and the small animals

Radagast went back to his tower and asked that I persuade Dannasen to assist our cause.  He would help us but his commander is refusing to allow them to help.  His commander Neven, is actually a wight under the control of Ivar the Blood Hand.  Once I had defeated him, the shades readily assist us.


following the shades

We found the Eglain encampment a little way on, where Elsa tells us that Ivar has control of the water, the wights and even the forest itself and fears an even greater evil within the ruins of the north.  She entreats us to slay Ivar in the hope that this will stop the evil threatening to spill from Garth Agarwen.  We travelled to the Gates of Garth Agarwen and faced Ivar himself.


Ivar the Blood Hand

After the battle, Radagast spoke to me and said that we had done well, we had stayed the corruption here at least for a time.  He had to return to Ost Guruth to continue assisting the Eglain in ending this corruption once and for all.

It was a privilege to fight alongside Radagast (and I admit, a lot of fun too).



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