(V1:B2) Chapter 14: History of the Red Maid

Emelin continued his tale:

‘The wars corrupted this land, drowning it in the blood of innocents. The Lady drowned as well, choking on death and evil while we did nothing to save her. Twice we failed our duty and seven-times cursed were we by the one the Elves called Iarwain Ben-adar*.

‘When the Lady became the Red Maid, she brought further ruin to her own home, to the land, and to the beasts. She was terrible, and we dared not face her. When there was no more living blood to spill, she slept…until Ivar awakened her once more’.

and then bid me to return to Radagast and speak to him of this secret history.

When I returned to Radagast, he was talking about how he hoped that the youths were found safely and aside from remarking that it is a terrible fate for anyone and that Ivar is a terrible foe, didn’t really comment on the information I had found out.  He then realised that I was not aware of the latest news from Ost Guruth and explained that the two young people had set out to save Ost Guruth and were unaware of the full danger.

I have a suspicion that rescuing these youths may be my next task.

*I have had the honour of meeting Iarwain Ben-adar, though hobbits (and perhaps men) may know him better as Tom Bombadil.


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