(V1:B2) Chapter 13: In the Gaunt Lord’s Grasp

The shade Emelin has begun to tell me his story, I remember his words clearly such was the pain and regret.

‘This land was corrupted by the war which raged here. Blood, much blood, spilled into the springs of the Lady, until all became red, and the springs became a swamp. The Lady, whose name is not remembered, became the Red-maid, a creature lost and corrupt. Ivar the Blood-hand came not long ago and awakened her again and claimed power over her. Now Ivar is a greater threat than ever he was.

‘Thou must strike against him to restore the balance betwixt Man and Nature. Until the Red-maid be redeemed or destroyed, my brethren and I are doomed to this wretched state.

I was tasked with killing the wight-lord Bhrudhraw and his soldiers.

quest named

the wight-lord

I found the wight-lord deep in the ruins, taunting the shades of Emelin’s men.  The fight was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be, though I am deeply grateful that my traps held.

I returned to Emelin and he told me of the fall of Arnor and how it was split into the 3 kingdoms of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur.  However, the light of Arnor had dimmed and men’s hearts are so easily tempted into dark deeds.  Rhudaur turned against Arthedain (Emelin’s people) as his Dúnedain brethren in Rhudaur had been overthrown by the Hillmen of the North in the service of Angmar.

The warning had come too late for Arthedain and for the Red Maid.


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