(V1:B2) Chapter 12: A Dead Man’s Challenge

Aric sent me to speak with a shade named Emelin.  He warned me that he was difficult but if that I could prove myself, he may lend me aid.

Emelin was not far away.  He told me that he had done terrible deeds in the name of the old kings.  He stood by, with his men, and did nothing to protect his charge.   The Red Maid now serves Angmar which they had sworn to prevent.  Iarwain Ben-adar cursed them to live as the half-dead for their failure.

He will assist me in my quest as this will break the curse but I must do more…



I feel very uneasy about assisting and, if I’m honest, even speaking to a cursed shade.  The information that Radagast needs is of the utmost importance so I will do as I must.

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