(V1:B2) Chapter 11: The Stone Speaker

Radagast’s knowledge of the The Red Swamp is limited but did tell me that it has been the site of many battles and that some say that is the blood of fallen men that has stained the earth.  He has requested that I travel far South to Harloeg in search of a man named Aric the Stone Speaker.  Aric studies the stone inscriptions and is well versed in the lore of this land.

The area of Harloeg is strangely beautiful, though many dangers lurk in its deceptively still waters.



I eventually found Aric in a settlement in the ruins of Ost Haer.  Aric has a strange manner of speaking and sounded almost gleeful when telling me how he obtained his knowledge from the dead.   I did not know quite what he meant but he said that I shall see…


Aric the Stone Speaker


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