Known as Weathertop by Men and Amon Sûl by the Elves, it is the southernmost hill of the Weather Hills in the Lone Lands.

The ruins on top and around the hill are ancient.  The Tower of Amon Sûl was built during the founding days of Arnor (last years of the Second Age) by Elendil (father of Isildur) to house his chief palantiri.  The kingdom of Arnor later broke into 3 lesser realms and the Tower marked the point at which the three met.

The rest of the fortifications were built during the Third Age but only stood whole for a few decades before they were destroyed by the invading forces of Angmar.  The palantir was rescued and carried to Fornost.

Gandalf fought with the Black Riders here and a little later, Frodo was injured by them in a hollow below the summit.

*Arnor was founded in II 3320 (second age), it broke into the 3 realms of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur after Eärendur’s death in III 861 (third age).  The events at Weathertop concerning Gandalf and Frodo took place in III 3018 to give this some perspective.

Information obtained from The Encyclopedia of Arda.

(With the change in game and playstyle, I don’t have the same things to write about, so I am expecting the bulk of my posts to relate to my progress through the epic quests.  To vary things a little though, I am intending to write a few posts with more information about places or people that I come across and that I find interesting.  Whether you will find it interesting is an entirely different matter ;)).


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