(V1:B2) Chapter 7: Radagast the Brown

Gadaric told me to follow the road east and find the ruin north of where the road snakes between the northern and southern swamp.  After a long ride along this dusty road I found the ruins of Ost Guruth, the Eglain’s home.  I made my way to the tower and introduced myself to Radagast.  He was able to shed further light on the rubbing of the rune I found atop Weathertop.  It was Gandalf the Grey’s mark and he surmised that he had been on Weathertop on the 3rd October, just a few days ago.   When I mentioned the strange lights that Candaith saw, he feared that Gandalf had found trouble there but could not give me any further information.

Radagast the Brown

Radagast the Brown



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