(V1:B2) Chapter 6: Protected by the Eglain

I stayed at Candaith’s camp for a little while, recovering after our success of retaking Weathertop.  While we sat by the fire, Candaith explained that he had found out that Radagast was under the protection of the Eglain.  They are a solitary and wary people, and so Candaith warned me that I would likely need to earn their trust before they would reveal the whereabouts of Radagast.  I took advantage of Candaith’s offer of a horse to the Forsaken Inn where I would meet Gadaric Munce, Candaith’s contact.

Forsaken Inn

Forsaken Inn


Fortunately I have had dealings with the Eglain and have helped them recently with a number of matters.  I am finding assisting the Rangers’ efforts rather expensive and I do find it difficult not to help people who are clearly in need of assistance.  So I have been killing various threats in the area (goblins and wargs for the most part) and retrieving items of importance.  Gadaric welcomed my return and when questioned about Radagast was willing to reveal his location.


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